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We make a vessel from a lump of clay; 
It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful. 


We make doors and windows for a room
It is these empty spaces that make the room livable.


Thus, while the tangible has advantages,
It is the intangible that makes it useful.


-- Lao Tzu 

About John Sytmen

John Sytmen is an entrepreneur at heart, and recently played a key role in the startup of d.ream (Dogus Restaurant Entertainment and Management). D.ream invests and operates 168 high end restaurants through 58 brands in 12 countries. Among the brands are Zuma, Roca, LPM, Nusret, Ulus 29 and Tom's Kitchen.


His earlier professional experience include multiple startups, local representations and turnarounds for multinational companies in Turkey.


John is Danish and made the headlines when he pioneered the coffee industry back in 1995 by opening a Specialty Coffee store in Istanbul. He expanded his business with further stores, and later invested in a production facility before he sold his shares to a private equity fund. He then launched the local office of a German real estate company guiding investors to large scale real-estate projects, and he also expanded a local law firm to the international markets.

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Istanbul   ⎢   Copenhagen ⎢ London ⎢ Dubai
Bodrum ⎢ Cesme

Build your business model  Develop and present your business   Develop restaurant concept  Prepare feasibility Prepare investment appraisal  Find the perfect business partner  Find key staff

Recent projects:

Analyse financials ⎢ Concept evaluation ⎢ Talent evaluation ⎢  Evaluate current business⎢ Prepare new strategy ⎢ Execute operational activities ⎢ Supplier management

Cost controlling Recipe adjustments

Recent projects:
International Expansion

Prepare business for expansion ⎢  Build business model  Develop and present business case   Prepare  feasibility Prepare investment appraisal  Find the perfect business partner  Find key staff

Recent projects:
Project evaluation


Initial introduction to project & desktop evaluation for potential corporation

This step is designed to see if my abilities qualify for your project and evaluate if value can be created

Initial meeting


Adding details to the project & deciding on future deliverables

If step 1 reveal that I can add value, then we meet in person to discuss further project details and measurable deliverables as well as timeframe


Fee/assignment structure

We agree on the targets and deliverables & the fee structure via an MoU

Based on the project information and deliverables, I suggest a fee structure for my services. This is expressed in a Memorandum of Understanding



How we can work together
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